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Product line
Comparison with other treatment options

55 000
people with improved health

750 000 USD
increase in disposable income

3 155 ton
reduction in CO2 emissions

More about our impact

Nazava Water Filters: safe, simple and affordable household water purification

Safe drinking water is essential for health and general well being. Therefore everybody should have access to safe and affordable drinking water. Nazava Water Filters are appliances to purify water at the household level. Using Nazava Water Filters improves health, increases disposable income and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Mission, vision and value proposition

Value proposition

Nazava Water Filters provides the most affordable and safest household water filters in Indonesia which enables households to access clean drinking water without the need to boil water or use electricity.

Our vision

Our vision is that everyone, everywhere has access to safe and affordable drinking water within their house.

Our mission

It is our mission to be Indonesia's premier water filter company of safe and affordable household water filters; we aim that everybody in Indonesia has access to a Nazava Water Filter and everybody knows where to buy one. We focus on marketing the best available water filters for the lowest possible price, especially targeting the base of the pyramid. We focus our attention to Indonesia and plan to expand throughout Asia at a later date. In fulfilling our mission we maintain the following five principles:

  • Providing a good work environment where everyone is treated with respect and everyone's talents are embraced and further developed.
  • As a company and as individuals we are honest, integer and ambitious.
  • Nazava strives to provide excellent customer care and satisfies the specific needs of its customers.
  • Excellent quality control and service provision contribute to that satisfaction.
  • Nazava continuously tracks the newest technologies and most effective solutions.

Core competencies

  • Excellent knowledr3ge of low cost water purification techniques
  • Experience in a range of marketing techniques
  • Strong knowledge of business culture in Indonesia and South East Asia
  • Big network of local resellers provides market intelligence and opportunities for cheap and effective promotion

Product description

Nazava provides customers with household drinking water purification systems and well water treatment options ( click here for an overview of our products ) The core product of Nazava is a high quality ceramic water filter element , which is used in 18 different water filter housings. The water filter housings come in a broad range of different shapes and capacity, answering to different needs and demand among different income groups in society (see Appendix C ). Nazava’s main product line is the Bening Series which offers a smart design for a price that our target group is able and willing to pay. There are 2 types of housings; with and without tap. The main model is a table top which has an upper container to collect the dirty water and a lower container with a tap for the drinking water (see pictures below). The rapido type are Nazavas simplest models consisting of one container with a filter inside and a tube which is used to fill jerry cans or 19L water bottles that are used on water dispensers. These models come in different sizes, responding to different needs per family. Depending on the model, the filtration speed varies between 3 liters to 12 liters per hour.

Table 4 Example of Nazava Safe Drinking Water Solutions and advisory end user costs

Replacement filter
Table top filter housings
Rapido (for refilling jerry cans or 19L bottles)
End-user costs $9.8 $19 $25 $35 $49$17$22
Capacity 7000 L 7000 L 7000 L 7000 L 7000 L 7000 L 7000 L
Speed 3L/hr 3L/hr 6L/hr 12L/hr 5L/hr 5-8L/hr
Volume 2x 6L 2x 13.5 L 2x 13.5 L 2x 27.5 L 13.5 L 27.5 L

The costs of the different types of water filters vary from inexpensive, 17 USD to moderate, 45 USD. The replacement filter costs 9.80 USD. Nazava's prototype is the Bening 1, which has two containers of 13.5 liters. This is suitable for a family of 5 members.


Filtration and purification

  • Ceramic filtration (particulate)
  • Activated carbon (chemicals)
  • Anti-microbial silver (pathogens)


  • Proven bacterial Removal Effectiveness: 99.99% (log5.5) during 7000 litres (see report)
  • Tested in 16 labs around the world (see reports >
  • Produces water that Complies to Indonesian National standards


  • Filters up to 7,000 liters (> 1 year) At 2-3 liters per hour
  • Easy and convenient
  • Easy installation, cleaning and replacement
  • Retail price: 25 USD
  • Replacement filter: 9,80 USD

The main water filters of Nazava consist of two plastic food-grade containers made of polypropylene (PP5) and are equipped with a simple filter candle. Filtration and purification The filter candle, or Tulip filter, is made of ceramic, mixed with colloidal silver and filled with activated carbon.


The filters are made of diatomaceous earth with pores of 0.4 micron (0.0004 milimeter) and remove micro-organisms: bacteria, cysts, parasites, fungi, sand, clay and other particles greater than 0.4 micron.

Activated Carbon

The ceramic is filled with activated carbon which reduces the content of harmful chemicals such as pesticides and chlorine. It improves the taste and reduces smell.

Anti-microbial Silver

The ceramic is impregnated with silver (0.08 % by weight), which kills micro-organisms like bacteria that are trapped at the surface of the ceramic. The silver content is very low and not harmful for frequent use.

Effectiveness and capacity

The Nazava Water Filters have a high level of efficacy with excellent and consistent test results. The filtered water complies to Indonesian standards for drinking water. It was found that at the end of its lifetime the Tulip Filter still removes 99.99% E-coli. Although the filter has found to be very effective in making turbid water clear , very muddy water will slow the filtration process. Brackish, salt or chemically polluted water cannot be used a source. As a rule of thumb the filter can be used to replace boiling water. Depending on the quality of the water it can last for 1-2 years.

Easy and convenient

Nazava water filters are easy to install and use and the ceramic filter is simple to replace. When the upper container of the Bening 1 is filled in the evening, the next morning there is enough water for a whole day for an average family of 5. Each Nazava Water Filter package includes:

  • Ceramic Water Filter Candle
  • A tap (not in the rapido models for refilling jerry cans)
  • User manual
  • 1 year warranty card
  • Tube to speed the filtration process
  • Scrub sponge to clean the filter
  • End of life indicator

To start treatment the filter candle is assembled in the top container for the dirty water and the tap is assembled in the container for the clean water. Overtime the filter candle can get clogged; therefore it has to be cleaned once a week with a scrub sponge. If the filter is very clogged it should be dismantled and cleaned with a brush under running water. Since cleaning the filter reduces its size, an indicator is provided to measure its thickness; once the filter is thinner than 5 cm it should be replaced. Since the used replacement filters contain no harmful materials they can be treated as household waste. It is expected that the plastic housings last for over 15 years. The containers can be efficiently placed into each other and are not heavy. For emergency distributions the containers can be filled with other food or household packages. The filter candle is rather small and easy to be transported.

Comparison with other household water treatment options

A comparison of the costs of the current household water treatment options available on the Indonesian market can be seen in Table 5 below (see Appendix B: Assumptions on costs saving of Nazava for the calculation). The table shows that Nazava has the best price per liter, and that over an average period of three years it is 9 times cheaper than buying water and 3 times cheaper than boiling on LPG.

Table 5 Cost comparison (USD) of household water treatment methods in Indonesia

Up front costs USD Annual running costs Costs per 1000 liter Average costs per year Costs more than Nazava per year Nazava is x times cheaper
Nazava25 7 3 15 - -
Refill water 16 127 24 132 117 9
Branded refilled water 16 348 65 354 339 24
Boiling on LPG 25 42 9 51 36 3
Boiling on Kerosene 13 53 10 57 43 4
Pureit 55 55 13 73 58 5
Ceramic pot (Pelita/TCM) 16 6 2 12 -3 -

The above costs are based on a consumption of 3 liters per person per day and a family size of 5 people, or an annual need of 5,475 L per household per year. The average costs per year are based on the upfront costs and three years of use. The cost comparison with Nazava in the last column is based on the average costs per year divided by the Nazava costs.

Using the data from Table 5 and Nazava's estimates on the distribution of the methods people get drinking water Nazava Water filters provide an average annual saving of $68. The data presented here demonstrate that:

  1. Nazava has the best price per liter of all commercial available treatment options
  2. Nazava water filters provide an average annual saving of $ 68
  3. Nazava has the best price/quality
  4. There are no relevant commercial players yet that target the income level of <7USD per day