Revolutionary water filter

The Nazava Riam water filter is designed by Delft University

  • Elegant Dutch Design
  • Provides safe water for your family
  • Turns well, river tap and rain water into water that is ready to drink
  • Keeps your family safe from diarrhea and other waterborne diseases
  • No need to boil or buy water anymore,  imagine the savings

How does the Nazava Riam Water Filter work

fill the riam with water

fill it up with water,  wait a bit, and you are ready to enjoy the best water in the world!

The filter is very easy to use.  You just poor water into the upper container and wait for the water to filter through the ceramic filter candle. After that you can tap the water from the lower container and continue drinking.

Is the water really safe to drink?

Yes! The filter is designed to remove bacteria and dirt from water and and does so very effectively. The filter can remove 99.99% of bacteria from the water, read more about removal rates here. 


  • Volume : 2 x 16 liter
  • pore size of ceramic filter candle :0.4 micron
  • Amount of filter candles: 1
  • Flow speed: around 2 liters per hour
  • plastic: food contact safe PP (virgin)
  • warranty: 1 year
  • Ships worldwide
  • Manufactured in Indonesia