Nazava Transparent Water Filter (Small)

Rp 260.000

  • Best seller for emergency relief
  • Portable & light : easy to carry anywhere
  • Suitable for small households and students
    More efficient than using refill gallons
  • No need electricity or other power sources


Nazava Transparent Filter -Small 2 x 6 liter

This Nazava Transparent filter   is suitable for those of you who have a low budget but want maximum quality drinking water. It is a great product for students. It fits in any  boarding room.

The Nazava Small Transparent is large enough to provide safe drinking water to a family of 4.

The Nazava clear filter can filter fresh water (including PDAM water, well water, and rain water) into potable water without the need to use electricity and without boiling it first.

This filter is equipped with a ceramic filter that has very small pores that are 0.4 micron in size. These small pores will be able to effectively filter out all impurities and bacteria in the water, thus ensuring the water you drink is 100% safe and healthy. The ceramic is also coated by a silver lining that kills germs.  In addition, the filter is equipped with activated carbon to improve the taste.

You don’t need to doubt the capabilities of Nazava products. Because, Nazava products, have passed dozens of times laboratory tests both in Indonesia and in 11 other countries.

For small size, this clear filter can accommodate 2 x 6 liters of water with an estimated 50 liters per day. The container of this filter also uses Polyethylene plastic which is safe as a storage container. The service life of a ceramic filter installed on this clear filter is 7,000 liters or equivalent to 2-3 years of use. Even though it has a usage limit, this filter is arguably more economical than you must use refillable gallons or boil it first using LPG or kerosene. The sensor on the ceramic filter will show you an indicator whether the filter is still suitable for use or should be replaced.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 37 cm


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