Nazava Riam Disposal Mechanism

Improve the environment is part of our mission.  Our filter is fully recyclable and we are studying if we can make the filter from recycled materials. How to dispose of your Nazava Water Filter in an appropriate way (PDF with disposal mechanism ) We give options to reuse and for recycling.

Reuse the parts of the Nazava Riam Water filter

Reuse of PP parts Containers, stand and lid

Even when broken the containers can be used to store goods or to plant flowers.   The containers are made of non-toxic food grade plasic.

Reuse ceramic and activated carbon

The ceramic and the activated carbon can be used as a soil enhancer in your garden or flower pots . Activated carbon is a proven soil improver and so is diatomaceous earth (ceramic) . It will increase soil nutrient exchange capacity and water retention capacity.  In order to do so

  1. first break the ceramic candle and
  2. separate the ceramic (white) part from the plastic, blue,  cap

Reuse Silicon Washers

The washers can be reused to prevent taps from leaking or in other applications.

Recycle the parts of the Nazava Water filters. 

All the plastic parts of the containers, the tap, and the cap of the ceramic water filter are valuable recyclable plastic materials. Your local waste collector will be happy to receive it.  This is an overview of the materials

  1. Containers are made out of pure (unmixed) PP plastic
  2. The blue cap of the filter candle is made of pure ABS and can be recycled.

What happens if a Nazava filter ends up the Landfill / Incinerator

The filter candle and the filter housing can be safely disposed in a landfill. No toxic compounds will leak from the Nazava filter. It can also be burned in an incinerator used by the municipal waste department.

If there is no waste collection in your area, we recommend that you give all the plastic parts to a plastic collector / seller nearby. The ceramic and the activated carbon cannot be recycled but you can safely dispose them in your garden or burry them (see re-use). They will improve the fertility of the soil.


  1. Do never burn the filter yourself.
  2. Do not throw the filter, or parts of it, in a river, lake, sea, canal, or in any nature area.

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