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Reaching the last mile with safe drinking water

Globally, 4.4. billion people do not have access to treated water in their home [read more] and there’s a disproportionate burden for women to provide safe drinking water to their families. As a result of constant exposure to contaminated water around 525 000 children die every year of diarrhea [World Health Organisation].

Poor people living in the slums of mega cities in the developing world like Jakarta pay 5 to 10 times more for water than those living in high-income areas in those same cities and more than consumers in London or New York [source: UN , Deutsche Welle].

Thus far most development aid is used to provide only basic quality water. This is water that one  cannot drink. We aim to provide safe drinking water to 4 billion people that have no access to safe drinking water and earning less than US$7/day  We do this by producing and selling the best and most affordable water filters. Here is how they work .

To date, we have reached 418,947 Indonesians in mostly rural and peri-urban areas and 30,000 people in rural Ethiopia. We shipped water-filters to 32 other countries such as Nepal, Philippines and Mozambique.

Our end-user surveys point out the following benefits of using Nazava: 1) More convenience as Nazava provides a free-flow of safe drinking water; enabling family members to drink as much as they want and when they want; 2) Better quality drinking water;3) Reduced costs for getting drinking water; 4) Improved health

How we reach the last mile

SDGs we work on

Hiqh quality filtration technology for the last mile

Nazava empowers mothers with a free-flow of safe drinking water in their house. Their kids can drink water when they want and how much they want, without getting ill.

Our purifiers use a ceramic-filter with pores of 0.4 micrometer.  Bacteria (0.5 micrometre) can’t get through. Silver impregnation prevents their replication, and activated carbon improves taste, odor and removes colouring. Each filter candle can purify up to 7,000 liter.

Using Nazava:

1) provides 16 liter of safely stored and purified drinking water;

2) improves health and reduces stunting by providing pathogen free drinking water;

3) reduces expenditures on buying or boiling water;

4) reduces CO2 emissions and the amount of smoke in the household;

5) increases available time;


Together we make all the difference


Please join us in providing safe drinking water for last mile communities. We are looking for partners email us through [email protected] , leave a message on whats app or using the form below