Koperasi Syahriah Benteng Mikro Indonesia (kopsyah BMI) and Nazava Water filters have signed an MOU  with the aim of improving the health and increasing  welfare of Kopsyah BMI members.

As a result of the  collaboration 177,363 members of Kopsyah BMI can now  purchase Nazava drinking water filters at affordable prices through the Benteng Muamalah Indonesia Consumer Cooperative  which is a part of kopsyah BMI.

Access to safe drinking water services in Banten is still very low. Buying water is too expensive for a large part of the district population and getting drinking water by boiling water is a lot of work

Nazava and BMI sign MOU to increase health and provide drinking water

BMI Pioneer of sanitation financing

Kopsyah BMI is a pioneer in sanitation financing in Indonesia. Already more than 12 thousand BMI members have used sanitation loan facilities to improve access to clean water or to build proper bathrooms.  BMI even wrote a book on Sanitation financing written by BMI Director Kamaruddin Batubara.  Besides sanitation, clean water is key in reducing water bourne diseases.  Nazava water filters, that turn dirty tap, well and rain water into water that is ready to drink (read how) are thus a logical next step for BMI.

Healthy drinking water for members

“We are very pleased that Kopsyah BMI has also chosen to provide members with healthy drinking water filters,” said Guido van Hofwegen, Director of Nazava Water Filters. “We are very proud to have been given the opportunity to cooperate with Kopsyah BMI and we will fight together to ensure that all Kopsyah BMI members can enjoy healthy and economical drinking water”. Like Nazava BMI has a commitment to improve health which is shown again by procurement of 8 ambulances that can be used for free by its members.

Kopsyah BMI is the largest sharia cooperative in Banten and also operates in West Java. The turnover of Kopsyah BMI reached Rp. 726 billion in 2020. Deposits increased by 2.7 percent in value of Rp. 260 billion. The amount of members was 162,363 people in 2019 and in  2020 increased to 177,363 people. Kopsyah BMI has received dozens of rewards, among others, from USAID.

Nazava is the only drinking water filter from Indonesia tested by the World Health Organization. In addition, the Nazava water filter has been tested by ITB, Unpad, and several laboratories from the Ministry of Health (read all test results here). Nazava was founded in 2009 to meet the needs of clean drinking water in Aceh [read more about the history of Nazava] In 2013 Nazava won the Tech Award for technology that benefits humanity in California, USA. In 2016 Nazava won the Ashden Award for environmentally friendly technology. Since 2017 Nazava has manufactured all parts of its innovative water filter in Indonesia. Since 2018 Nazava started exporting on a large scale to all markets in Africa and Southeast Asia. Apart from BMI, Nazava also collaborated with LKM BAIK, HIK & KOMIDA.